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Thread: Welcome to the NBA "Fun with trade ideas" forum

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    Welcome to the NBA "Fun with trade ideas" forum

    Got a trade idea that you want to share? Here's the place to post it and get feedback from others.

    A few suggestions:

    1. Check the salaries in your trade proposal, first.
    Use a site like this one or this one. If you are lazy, you can use the ESPN Trade Machine, too.

    2. Explain why the trade makes sense for all teams involved.
    Yeah, it's a lot of work, but it makes you think a little. It might save you from being embarrassed by posting something stupid.

    3. Understand the CBA.
    This is not a requirement, but if you can spout out what section of the CBA that you are referring to in your post, you'll look like you know your shit. Try this for reference.

    Have at it.

    p.s. Don't be offended if your thread title gets changed, we'll probably go for a consistent format for ease of browsing.
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