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Thread: Pistons losing on purpose??

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    Pistons losing on purpose??

    Is it just me or did some of the shots Lebron take look extremely open? It seemed like he always found the open shot and the Pistons weren't guarding him. Lebron is an all-star but realistically that should never have happened and if you watched the game you saw that there was hardly any defense on him. If someone scores 25 points in a row, wouldn't you put two maybe even three men on him to make sure he doesn't get another open shot, rather than just giving him the shot? We looked like a little league team in that game and he just walked all over us. Did anyone else see this and think the same? I don't know I love the pistons but that game was a horrid disappointment

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    Yeah, What ever happened to that Pistons team that completely dismantled Chicago's rythum both offensively and defensively in those first two games. And when did Chauncy ever get the ball picked from him this easily or jack up questionable shots.

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    I think it's just a case of the guards and forwards not working together. Several times it looked like Billups or Tay were forcing Lebron one way into a double team. It never came. Either Sheed and Webber were too slow, or they were not on the same page.

    it's just plain sucking, not throwing the game.
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    I remember LB saying he had to force his guards to get the post guys more touches. Maybe flip shoulda done the same. We should have road sheed's back more often when he got his shot going. Often we'd back off to get the guards quick jump shots.
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