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Thread: ECF OST: Detroit Pistons vs Cleveland Lebrons (Cavs win 4-2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrTre11
    ESPN is reporting that league officials have already called a foul on Rip and Tay while they were thinking about guarding Lebron in a few days.
    and sheed has a tech already.. damn refs!!

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    47% FGs, 9 FTs/game during regular season

    42% FG, but 11 FTs/game during playoffs

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    The only thing that scares me about this series is the 'I love Lebron' fouls. Nice fix Mxy Should be an entertaining series, I hope our Pistons dont get comfy like they did against the Bulls. On a side note... I know T's are reset for the postseason. Is it the 7th then every other where you get suspended in the postseason? Sheed already has two right? I hope he saves the others for the finals because the Cavs just don't deserve it.

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    good site for series preview. I never knew he just crushed the living fuck out of the Cavs everytime we beat them and the Cavs barely got by us once.

    lmfao at the poll greatest upsets..vote now!

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    Ran into a Cleveland fan on IRC

    [00:49:31] ::: Join: (Bombadil) (~eldest@Bombadil.users.undernet.org)
    [00:50:34] [Bombadil]: the CLE Lebrons
    [00:50:38] [Bombadil]: are one year older
    [00:50:42] [Bombadil]: one year wiser
    [00:51:07] [Bombadil]: had pistons down on mat...knife to throat and Cavs choked last year yes
    [00:51:31] [Bombadil]: now DET has fagg*t webber...nice pickup
    [00:51:37] [Bombadil]: but how doesn he play Z?
    [00:51:45] [Bombadil]: DET was better when they had Okur
    [00:51:49] [Bombadil]: as backup center
    [00:51:55] [Bombadil]: and Big Ben
    [00:52:08] [Bombadil]: DET has no answer for lebron and pavlovic
    [00:52:10] [Bombadil]: hmmmm
    [00:52:31] [Bombadil]: still DET has experienmce and great guards in rip and CB
    [00:52:39] [Bombadil]: should be great series
    [00:52:48] [Bombadil]: DET should be favored
    [00:52:53] [Bombadil]: but not by much
    [00:52:58] [Bombadil]: DET lacks a lot
    [00:53:04] [Bombadil]: and everything DET lacks
    [00:53:07] [Bombadil]: CLE has
    [00:53:21] [Bombadil]: but again..esperience..wisdom..we will see
    [00:53:37] [Bombadil]: when rasheed peace be upon him sees himself as a god wallace
    [00:53:38] ::: Mode: (DefCon1) sets (+l 15)
    [00:53:42] [Bombadil]: fucks with lberon
    [00:53:44] [Bombadil]: this time
    [00:54:01] [Bombadil]: lberon will snap his hill jack cunting head
    [00:54:06] [Bombadil]: you see?
    [00:54:20] [Bombadil]: others do not stand up to that racist ignorant enemy of goodness
    Too bad he got banned from the channel.


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    it's time Detroit

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    It's time Detroit.
    Last edited by Fool; 05-21-2007 at 10:13 AM.

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    That's gold.

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    Basically, I think that the Bulls were the 2nd best team in the East and we've already dispatched them. Bron-Bron and Company will put up a fight, but I think our boys have learned their lesson from the Chicago series. Take nothing for granted and steamroll the competition. Cleveland will take game 3 at home, but that's all folks.

    Lebron's too willing to take jumpers and the rest of that squad won't step up. I'm looking for CWebb to have a big series against Z. He'll be passing well from the post and Z's slow-ass won't even keep up with CWebb's slow-ass. I hope to see Tayshaun in the post on Lebron, to make him work on the other end. Lebron's much stronger than Tay, but Tay's Inspector Gadget arms can get his baby hook going. Rip might have some trouble against Pavlovic's physical defense, but as long as Rip doesn't try too much one-on-one, we should be fine.

    Pistons in 5.

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    look at this caca water, it's disgusting!
    Go Pistons!

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