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Thread: Turning point: Flip

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    Turning point: Flip

    I got so pissed watching this Game 5 tonight against Chicago. Pistons are starting to come back. Webber gets his second reverse dunk to cut the lead to 7. I'm LOVING Hunter's intensity he is coming with. He comes in the game and decides to give the Pistons a boost by bodying up Heins and disrupting their offense. As he does this, I can just sense an explosion by the crowd if they get a stop and bucket. Lindsey gets called for a reach and then Flip freaking blows it.

    The camera goes to Flip as he calls out "3-2, 3-2" asking for a zone. I yelled, NOOOOO, what are you doing?! Hunter is finally giving some energy to the Pistons, they are on the verge of a run and he switches to zone. What happens? THREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE CHICAGO! It's back up to 10, Pistons miss a shot, Sheed gets called for the T, back up to 14, GAME OVER. One simple decision turned the entire game. Horrible coaching move. Easy to say from your couch, but I hated this call and it cost the Pistons a chance at closing it out.
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    we had game 6 already and lost? damn, we're falling even faster than I thought....

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    I agree Tre, but I can tell you about another "Flip" turning point. I thought that Lindsey had been doing a great job all post season, but for some reason, in game 4, Flip decides to play his namesake, Flip Murray instead of Lindsey. Flip consistently forced up bad shots, turned the ball over and played lackluster defense. What in the Flip is going on here? I'm pissed.

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    my buddy actually mentioned this during the game too. something i never really thought about. it seems like lindsey or zone, never both.

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    If you thought Lindsey was great all post season, you're on drugs. He was terrible for every game except one.

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    Game 6?? I wish the Bulls had won game 6
    Way to look ahead though

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    Isn't it funny how this version of the Pistons always seems to collapse when the other team finally makes adjustments? The Bulls didn't make any real adjustments until after Game 3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kstat
    If you thought Lindsey was great all post season, you're on drugs. He was terrible for every game except one.
    Well, maybe not grrrrrreat, but he's done a good job of picking cats' pockets, always plays solid D, and even has knocked down a few shots. All Flip has done is dunk on the troll-ass Hinrich family.

    "The Forcier is strong with this one." - Boda.

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    Hey it's not Kirk Hinrich's fault his father is his uncle.

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    the man behind the meth hasnt been too good since he stopped getting hopped up on goofballs before tippoff.

    as lambier would say, 'just about tiiiiiiiiiiiime to hang em up'.

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