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Thread: OST: West Rd 1, (7) Lakers vs. (2) Suns (Suns win 4-1)

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    "No way" is a bit extreme, I admit.

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    if the series goes seven, i would go with the lakers (again!). but i dont think they can get that far this year. they didnt exactly back into the playoffs, but it wasnt much more than an idle. if they had andy going like he was in feb/march, i would take them all day. as it is, its probably 5 games.

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    The Suns are my 2nd favorite team, I think they take this in 5 games.
    Find a new slant.

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    Man, are the Lakers ever taking it to those "overrated" Suns now....

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    you did call it. thats fo sho!

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    Definately a couple of minus points in the credibility score for me. Still doesn't make the Suns not overrated.

    Btw, Raja Bell is in complete ownership of Kobe's head. Kobe comes down on basically a one-on-one with Bell and pulls up for a distorted jumper. Farmer comes down on pretty much the same situation and takes it to the lane like Kobe should have and draws the gets the and1.

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    Nash is definitely overrated. Only 17 points and 23 assists today.

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    Nice "gutless" call on pacersdigest btw, I noticed you got off that train pretty quick. Didn't bring it here I see.

    And that's exactly what I said. I called Nash specifically overrated.

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    The Lakers are pretty gutless. A reflection of their coach, who can't do shit unless he's got the two best players on the floor.

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    Yeah, 9 rings are nothing compared to "my teams score a shit load of points and get taken to 7 game almost every playoff series I'm in" _'antoni.

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