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Thread: Avatar and Sig help thread, also request a sig/av

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    Welcome to Detroit...Oregon. Home to Detroit Lake and nothing else.
    There's a town in Oregon called Detroit, with the signs into town saying "Welcome to Detroit". If you guys can find pics of those signs, I will rock them.

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    Having an awkward moment just to see how it feels.
    Quote Originally Posted by TK
    I request VF's avatar be removed, beaten within an inch of it's life, thrown off a cliff, then burned until it's completely unrecognizable.
    it was you guys that missed him. not me. ..enjoy the unfortunate benefits
    Stalked by a Mod who gives 1 percent credence.

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    Can someone downsize my av? Or maybe tell me how to do it. I'm new to this graphics thing. Thanks.

    "The Forcier is strong with this one." - Boda.

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    I would be awesome if someone could make a combo Original Pancake House/Pistons sig. Thanks!

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    I'm just testing my shit out so I don't look like no punk, I wanna come correct with this shit...........I'm trying to give Polish Sausage a run for his money.

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    Can this thing be made skinner so it doesn't make the screen so wide, any thanks is appreciated?

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    I'm hungry.

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    Thats about 40% less. let me knowi f it needs to be smaller.

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    Try to keep avatars around 150 width here.

    I'll see if I can find a mod to resize people's avs when they're too big.

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