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Thread: Hawks/Lakers/Pistons

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    Why? Because I can


    Hawks deal Josh Smith, Pachulia, Morrow. They get Gasol and Will Bynum

    Lakers deal Gasol, Blake. They get Josh Smith, Prince and Nova

    Pistons deal Prince, Nova and Bynum. We get Pachulia, Morrow, Blake

    We get all expirings... giving us over $30 mil in cap space to spend this off-season.

    Hawks get value for Josh Smith, who may or may not be in their plans beyond this season.

    Lakers make a huge title push while adding Dwight Howard's best buddy!
    Rise like Lions after slumber,
    In unvanquishable number -
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you -
    Ye are many - they are few.

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    Hoping to get an exp and a late 1st for Tay... but I'd still do this deal... pretty sure it would net a nice young talent in the long run.

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