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Thread: I just paid ???? for a gallon of gas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glanville View Post
    I thought you were buying a hoopty?
    i decided to wait. turns out the place i was looking at pricing was actually an auction house, and it turns out they had a list at the better business bureau a mile long.

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    I paid $3.90 this morning, but I just saw a bunch of $4.17s.
    Find a new slant.

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    rollin through your neighborhood, middle finger up
    Seein 4 here now.

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    Find a new slant.

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    Just fibbing, you guys!
    ^ Hellz to the yeah. Dude is on that shit.
    Players meeting my ASS!

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    $1.91, thanks Obama!
    Find a new slant.

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    Nope, every station in this town at that price, any payment method.
    Find a new slant.

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    Here we go again with the gasoline price gouging. A hurricane happens in Houston and the prices of gas are skyrocketing AND they expect the public to donate money. What about all the fucking oil companies in Texas who gouge the fuck out of us year after year and have so many billions that they don't know what to do with rebuild Houston. Don't even get me going on the money we spend in Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia. Tired of all these "Fundraisers for Harvey". Fuck off, I'm not donating shit.

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