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Thread: Aks Glan

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    Quote Originally Posted by DADZIG View Post
    What I do

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    Quote Originally Posted by mibuzzboard View Post
    Bought a fishing license for the first time and have used it every day this week on vacation. If that ainít America, then the libs have won!
    Find a new slant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrRay11 View Post
    What I do
    Thought you were gonna notice that I recently talked some junk about ‘Dr.Ray’s Health Zone’, but it sounds like you didn’t notice. Whew!
    Find a new slant.

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    The other day I saw a guy with a Ted Nugent for President bumper sticker and thought, "I'd like to get that guy in a stranglehold LOL!!"

    Not a question, I know, but just wanted to let you know.
    You f---ing need me, DADZIG. You can't win without me.

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    Wang dang, thank you.
    Find a new slant.

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