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Thread: Houston Rockets Draft Thread

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    Houston Rockets Draft Thread

    Picks- #25 and 54.

    2007 picks- Aaron Brooks and some chump.

    FAs- Carl Landry-gotta think they're gonna keep him, he's in that Maxiel Haslip "tough undersized POWERforward mold. Dikembe Mutombo-Guy keeps showing up. Word is he wants one more year.

    Bad contracts- Jackie Butler is supplementing his car wash income with $2.5 mil from the Rockets. Thanks. I guess Tmac and Yao are bad contracts if they can't get out of the first round with two franchise guys.

    Quick looks-Won a bunch of games, but not 4-7 in a playoff series. Needs some beef alongside Yao. Maybe someone who likes to punch opponents or gets arrested in college for stealing a radio out of some yuppie frat.

    Draft strategy-A tough athletic guy....like rudy gay....who they traded for Battier....dar.

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    Gonna go Speights. Kids big and tough next to Yao, maybe can back him up.

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    FUck. Give me Bill Walker. Sorry.

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