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Thread: Pistons +/- for east finals

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    I think that +/- is fairly worthless for players that only get 5-15 min a game because there are so many spurts. Also, it isn't very useful for single games. I think 5 games is a decent sample size. Also, I thought that pistons were playing like crap most of the time billups has been in the game before I checked the +/-. Then, I checked the stats and that was confirmed. Without game 4, chauncey would be -52. At the end of the game, the team went on a huge run with chauncey in and maxiell out, which skewed the numbers for that game. I missed the first half of that game due to travel, but it seemed to me to be the only game where billups played well for an entire half. Also, ratliff's numbers are skewed because he didn't play at all in game 3 which had the celtics largest margin of victory.
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    What are the collective +/- #s for 6 games?

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