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Thread: Eastern Conference Finals: Boston Celtics VS Detroit Pistons. (Heroic)

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    Quote Originally Posted by "Daily Dime" Conversation
    DetroitSpartan (7 hours ago)

    Congrats to the Celtics. They earned their trip to the Finals.
    If I were Sheed, then I'd be ready to be moved. If any GM wants to give up a 1st Round pick for Sheed then I think Dumars has no choice but to do it. (Dallas or Phoenix? For a 1st Rounder and a 2nd Rounder?)
    A lot of the starters are on the wrong side of 30, but still have value on the right team. I wonder if San Antonio would take a Sheed? Probably not, but imagine Duncan and Wallace together with Sheed playing center and dropping three's (since he won't post up on the box or rebound) and letting Duncan and their small forward do the rebounding.
    Anyway, the window for this current roster of Pistons is CLOSED. The "light switch" mentality in the softer Eastern Conference won't work anymore. The talent was always there, the killer instinct? Never.
    Stuckey, Maxiel, and Prince are a good core for the future. Find a token big man to play center and hope the torch can be passed from Billups to some PG and maybe the 2010 Pistons will be okay.
    But this current roster? Something has to happen because they've gotten old and they don't close out games like a real contender would. 2004 was nice, but it's time to move on. Go get 'em Joe D.

    That had better not be $#%@ DrTRE!!

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    The Pistons played like a bunch of assholes out there.

    Mentally weak, low basketball IQ motherfuckers.

    I'm down for some changes, Sheed first.
    Find a new slant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UxKa
    To those who are pissed that we made 6 straight ECFs and have 1 ring, I have this to say...

    I'd rather have 1 ring with 6 straight ECFs than do what the Heat did and win a ring then in 2 years make a run at the worst season in history. Really over the last 6 seasons, who (without thinking of literal teams, just the general storyline) would you rather be a fan of?.. The successful team with 1 ring or the shit - ring - shit team with 1 ring?

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    I'm pissed that our starters can talk all offseason about how they want to get this taste out of their mouth and proceed to do nothing about it. And not just once. Every year since our title.

    I'm ready for changes because other teams improved and we won't get much better (Stuckey and Amir should improve, but what good is that when they have limited roles anyway).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fool
    I'll tell you how in two words.

    Last year.

    It was time to make a change then. The whole season has been about waiting for this series loss. They lost to a terrible team last year, when teams got good this year it was a joke to run the same team out there again.
    Last year, our big problem was our bench and our lack of a starting PF/C. We theoretically improved somewhat, and that helped during the regular season (more wins, less tired starters). But, that didn't translate into enough. Part of it wasn't our fault. Stuckey and Amir's early injuries were setbacks. Part of that was our shortcomings. Why no Arron Afflalo? Why keep Jarvis around when we knew that he couldn't backup Tay in a playoff setting? We used Herrmann HOW much when we needed good PF defense? About the only bench thing we reallly figured out in mid-season was that if Nazr was the answer, we were asking the wrong fucking question.

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    Only if you bought the "tired" excuse they trotted out for a second time.

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    Tre doesn't know shit about the pros so don't worry about it being him.

    Also, you know your favorite part of that article is that the dude doesn't consider Stuckey the PG of the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fool
    Only if you bought the "tired" excuse they trotted out for a second time.
    I'm pontificating as much as anything.

    If I were asked a year ago what our biggest problem was:

    1) Nazr/aging CWebb as a starting C, or
    2) a playoff bench consisting of McDyess, Flip, and Crapfino, or
    3) a coach who's a doofus at playoff adjustments

    I'd have picked "2". If you told a year ago that we'd upgrade our bench as much as we did, with the same core, with Flip making semi-reasonable decisions, but NOT make it past Game 6 ECF, I'd have thought it was crazy.

    I don't envy Joe's job here.

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    That's fair. We all agreed that the regular season went as it could go in terms of player developement, rest, and standings

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