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Thread: Flip on Rome today...

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    Just fibbing, you guys!

    Flip on Rome today...

    Said CBill is going through regular practices and iirc, said he will be 100% for game 1.
    Players meeting my ASS!

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    did he mention how badly hurt jarvis hayes' pride is? will HE be 100%?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Higherwarrior
    did he mention how badly hurt jarvis hayes' pride is? will HE be 100%?
    He will be 32%.

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    32% seems about right. isn't that also his shooting percentage?

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    You give him too much credit.

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    You guys are too hard on Jarvis. Is it a bad thing that he wants to play? I read his quotes on having his minutes cut and thought nothing of them. I happen to think he has a point about it being tough to get in rhythem when you never know when or if you'll play.

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    I don't mind that he wants to play. I mind the fact that he sucks at the game of basketball.

    Quote Originally Posted by WTFchris
    MoTown is right.

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    On the other hand, MoTown does NOT suck.

    In fact, I'd go as far as to say that

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    I would go a step further Mo. I don't even mind that he sucks at basketball. Zekyl sucks at baskteball too and I think he's pretty pimp. I mind that Jarvis sucks at basketball and is on our team.

    Kelsey 7

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    Maybe if Jarvis learned how to play defense then he wouldn't be riding the pine. I hate when players bitch about minutes when they are one dimensional and that dimension is failing them.
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