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Thread: Preferred ECF opponent: Cleveland or Boston?

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    KG is a "batman" if you mean superstar. In fact MVP level in spite of me hating the celtics and his whiny ass mouth. IMO he isn't being used properly by the Celts. Nevertheless he is a big reason they are able to execute their defensive sets very well and is still a top 5 player in this league and top 3 PF.
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    KG has shown that he's not the guy who's taking the ball at the end of the game. Very Chris Webber.

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    Wasn't it Smith on ESPN that did that whole Batman/Robin rant?

    I'm with Fool, in this analogy there's no way KG can be Batman. Has he ever won a series deciding game by himself in the 4th quarter (honest question)?

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    Yeah, he maybe MAYBE used to be Batman, but he is not what he once was, and is much more inconsistent...

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