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Thread: Preferred ECF opponent: Cleveland or Boston?

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    Cavs. I want to punish them for last year. Plus with Prince playing on the offensive end he'll make Lebron work more. And since they have Wally, RIP should be able to have a field day.
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    and billups will be on delonte for a big chunk of the game, not boobie..

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    I'm flip flopping between the two. Basically I agree with Glenn about wanting to beat the best and go toe to toe with the media darlings and at the same time I feel like Chris that I really want to make Cleveland fucking pay for last year.

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    The Cavs are a logical choice if you think about it.

    If Boston advances, they'll be looked at as a fraudulent favorite that can't win on the road. Most people will probably favor us.

    If the Cavs advance, they're a team peaking that just knocked off the #1 seed in the playoffs. They'd be favored over us, and you won't be able to watch ESPN for 5 minutes without someone bringing up last year's game 5.

    If you want the Pistons at their most focused, you want the Cavs.
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    That seems objective. What say you Glenn?

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    I think the Pistons "know" they can beat the Cavs and feel that last year was a fluke.

    I think the Celtics would drum up a bit more "fear" and might actually keep them focused/motivated more and have them come into the series with less of a chip. It would allow them to slip back into that familiar "underdog" role that they are much more successful in.

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    Boston has homecourt, Cleveland doesn't.

    But either way we raining radioactive death plague on these mother fuckers.

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    I couldn't imagine a matchup that would get the pistons more motivated than cleveland. These guys have been dying to redeem themselves after last year and wouldn't lose focus for a quarter, much less a game. Combined with home court, that seems like a win for the pistons.

    ps- Yes, this is a complete flip-flop from my first post in this thread.

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    I have to say, I can't watch LeBron dunk and search for a camera to scowl in for another whole series. I can't. I nearly lost my faith in basketball after witnessing that last year.

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    MoTown is right.

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    I kind of do want to beat those Cleveland punks ourselves this year...

    Can we retract votes?

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