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Thread: TOC Great 8 Matchup - #1 Kennedy vs. #2 Clinton, KENNEDY ADVANCES

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    TOC Great 8 Matchup - #1 Kennedy vs. #2 Clinton, KENNEDY ADVANCES

    #1 John F. Kennedy


    #2 Bill Clinton

    Discuss and provide evidence (video, pics, audio, etc).

    Voting ends Nov 9 in the am.
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    When all is said and done, Clinton should have just said, "Listen, whether or not Monica blew me isn't germaine to any intelligent conversation. Fuck the fuck off". When Clinton and Gore were elected, it elicited a reaction in this country of hope and joy; that the Repubs were finally dead. They stood fast in the fury of the Right Wing backlash, and accomplished wuite a bit.
    But Kennedy was Clinton before Clinton was Clinton. Camelot, Jackie, his brash younger brother taking on George Wallace and the Mob. He would have ended the Vietnam War (and thus, the Military-Industro-Oil complex that even Eisnehower feared might have been crushed). Kennedy might have truly been this nation's last best hope, and his assassination is still felt as America has gone into a deep sleep fueled with dreams of an SUV, a mini van, and an ipod under every christmas tree.
    We are in the second great Oil Embargo (this one a price war, not a supply war), and yet we do nothing. The Powers who killed Kennedy sent a message not to fuck with them, and we willingly oblige them, as long as we can spend our lives texting and rocking Nike gear.

    I see a potential Kennedy vs Ali championship.
    Winning breeds confidence. Losing breeds reality.

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    Much as I like Bill, JFK didn't give a fuck.

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    Couldn't agree more with what's already been said. I like Bill, his first election was one of the greatest parties I've ever been too, but Kennedy gets the nod here.

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    I had to give Clinton at least one vote. Guy deserves better than a shutout.

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