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Thread: Political news, yo.

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    Under Obama, the Education Department’s Office for Civil Rights had declared in 2011 that schools should use a standard known as “preponderance of the evidence” when judging sexual violence cases that arise under the antidiscrimination law known as Title IX.

    Common in civil law, the preponderance standard is lower than the “clear and convincing evidence” threshold that had been in use at some schools. Victim advocates viewed the April 2011 letter as a milestone in efforts to get schools to heed the longstanding problem of campus sexual assault, punish offenders and prevent violence.

    Now, under President Trump, the Office for Civil Rights is declaring that schools may use either standard while the government begins a formal process to develop rules on the issue.
    I'd almost argue that DeVos and Trump did something right, except for the fact that the schools shouldn't be involved. This is for the courts, the police, the criminal legal system.

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