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Fuck Rip

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The whole Rip thing pisses me off.

My boss, the managing director of the company, realized a month or two back that I can now take all the blame for his poor executive decisions. Therefore he constantly throws me under the bus now to our executive board. Why? Because he's a spineless coward and instead of standing up to anyone he can now deflect (and then some; he'll even start busting my balls in front of them before they even say a word). My counterpart in the company is the most worthless waste of space in the world. She's a horrible admin doing a job three categories above her. Ergo she spends all of her time trying to cover her ass than actually doing her fucking job. I have spent weekends cleaning up her fucking messes while my boss still protects her (because, once again, he has no fucking spine and would never fire her).

But here's the thing: I make a decent fucking salary, especially in today's times. I know I have to put up with shit in this world and the end result, a good job that's taken me two years to get here in the US, with a salary that's not bad and keeps growing and allows me to provide for my family, is more than worth any shit I have to take.

Fuck you Rip. You widdle bossy no tweet you well? Man the fuck up. I don't care if he sends you a goddamn carrier pigeon to tell you you're not playing and then makes you lick everyone's shoes at the end of the bench. Either take your tough times like a man or get the fuck out. You work in Detroit for fuck sakes. Why don't you take a walk outside your fucking mansion and complain about how shitty your getting treated with your multi-million dollar salary at the local watering hole? Fuck you.

Forget all the stupid shit he's done just this year to cost us games. How does this guy really deserve to get his jersey retired? Here's what I know: He was part of one of my absolute favorite Detroit champions: the 2004 Pistons, a team that told the world to go fuck itself. That team then loafed itself into losing the 2005 championship. They did the on and off switch shit in 2005 and that, more than Sheed's fuck up, cost them the championship. They loafed in the series with the Heat and had to barely squeak it out there. They then were so tired they literally took games one and two off against the Spurs and handed them the 2-0 lead ensuring a trip back to San Antonio and most likely with at least a 3-2 edge. They QUIT on Flip for three straight years in the playoffs. He was the absolute wrong choice to coach that team (though I still think his best year was his work in the playoffs his last year) but they quit on him against Miami, Cleveland and Boston. How the fuck do you quit in the playoffs if you're a real champion (tangent: that's the biggest reason I can't stand Lebron)?

Point is: the dude had one magical year and it's been all downhill since then. And he still got a HUGE contract, probably above his actual value and he's going to complain to us, the fans that pay our money to watch him play that he's being treated badly because he acted like a jerk to his coach (good or bad, it's his coach) and his teammates (being pissy and getting stupid T's is hurting your teammates on purpose) and now had to sit out while still getting paid.

Now that you're playing again Mr. Hamilton, show some fucking respect and play hard in your minutes. Do whatever it takes for the team and keep your fucking mouth shut.

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    GLANDEMIC's Avatar
    I get turned off by the oversensitive, overpaid modern day athlete as much as the next guy, but I don't think you can realistically compare the "plight" of these guys with us working Joes.

    In my eyes, I really think Kuester's lack of communication skills are at the heart of the problem here, but Joe D. enabled this by overloading the roster with emotional SGs and giving Rip that extension.

    Think of where we'd be now if Joe hadn't extended Rip (preferrably trading him for an asset when he had an expiring deal) and if we hadn't bid against ourselves for Ben Gordon.

    Great, now I'm emo.
  2. DE -
    DE's Avatar
    I wouldn't say it's a comparison to working Joe's, but more like something I personalized. It's just how long do we get to excuse a lack of professionalism on someone else? Flip did it wrong, Curry sucked and Q can't handle big personalities. Not to mention that Joe D screwed up the guard positions immensely. I honestly think Rip's been getting the shit end of the stick for at least two years now. And that part is entirely Joe's fault. But when do we get to hold Rip accountable? When does representing your teammates and the city whose jersey you wear get to matter as much as "being dissed" by your boss (something that happens to everyone at some point)?