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  1. The discuss any topic/random thoughts thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Glanny Ice View Post
    The moon tonight. Discuss.
    So, I had the "The discuss any topic/random thoughts thread" open and had my head turned and was watching TV when I accidentally clicked my mouse while hovering on a button called "Blog this post!" that I'd never noticed before and now here we are.

    The moon eh? How did it get there? Is it really made of green cheese? So many questions....We'll never know.
  2. Fuck Rip

    The whole Rip thing pisses me off.

    My boss, the managing director of the company, realized a month or two back that I can now take all the blame for his poor executive decisions. Therefore he constantly throws me under the bus now to our executive board. Why? Because he's a spineless coward and instead of standing up to anyone he can now deflect (and then some; he'll even start busting my balls in front of them before they even say a word). My counterpart in the company is the most ...
  3. Hey bros

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